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Electronic Bill Pay

The Electronic Bill Pay site is easy to use with time saving details.

This is the correct link: https://www.billpaysite.com/V2/login.aspx?instid=90504. As an easy alternative, you can just click the Electronic Bill Pay button at the left side of each page of this website.

  • If you are a member of Bethlehem 1st Federal Credit Union, but have not yet signed up for the free Electronic Bill Pay service, you may enroll online at the Bill Pay site by pressing the "Enroll" button (see screenshot, below). Please note that new applicants can set up an account and what bills to pay, but actual payments will not begin until the application is approved by the Credit Union. Call us (610-691-0041) if you have any questions about enrollment.

Below is a screenshot of the Electronic Bill Pay website login page. If you are a Bethlehem 1st FCU member and have not already enrolled in Bill Pay, click the "Enroll" button (circled in orange) to apply on line. Please note, upon application you may set up your bills for payment, but the actual payments are not processed until your application is approved by the Credit Union.

Sample of Electronic Bill Pay website.

Introducing An Easier Way to Pay Bills

Electronic Bill Pay is available free to Bethlehem 1st FCU members.

Bethlehem 1st FCU offers the convenience of Electronic Bill Pay (EBP) Service to our members.

The service is free to members. If you are not already enrolled, it's easy to do. On the Bill Pay site, (see illustration, above) click the "Enroll" button and supply the information it requests. You may set up payments immediately but, to help prevent fraud, those payments do not actually take place until your enrollment application is approved by the Credit Union.

Electronic Bill Pay employs Multifactor Authentication. Click here to read more about how this will change the login for Electronic Bill Pay.

Here's How It Works

With EBP, you receive bills the way you always have and, therefore, you maintain the right to verify the amount you have been billed is correct. When you're ready to pay the bill, you schedule your payment online (just click the Click here to go to the Electronic Bill Payment site. button that appears on most pages on the btcu.org website) and the Credit Union does the rest.

Bethlehem 1st FCU's EBP system offers some unique features designed to save you time when you schedule payments. For example, you can schedule recurring payments of the same amount (I.e. your home mortgage) to be paid automatically each month. In addition, you can establish payee profiles to avoid entering contact information each time a bill is to be paid. This streamlines the bill paying process even if the amount to be paid varies from month to month.

To ensure your payments are received on time, all you have to do is schedule them at least five days prior to the bills' due dates.

Paying bills doesn’t have to be a hassle any more. Why worry about getting stamps, sitting down to write out bills, and remembering to drop them in the mail? Pay your bills on line and simplify your life. You'll have more time to do the things you love.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 610-691-0041.


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